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The Company

Angelika Thonauer | Owner | Chief of the Agency | Qualified Advertising Consultant
She is like the ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ of the enterprise. Acquisition of customers and keeping in contact with them is her task. Her affection for Marketing and Analyses makes her perceive operational interactions and aspects in the enterprises she is visiting. Prior to founding Lighthouse, she and her father had been building their family enterprise comprehending 50 employees as of today.
Mrs. Angelika Thonauer is a qualified advertising consultant and has been managing the Lighthouse advertising agency for 15 years. Before that, she assisted in establishing the technical operation THONAUER GesmbH that has been internationally expanding since. She had her education in Marketing and Advertising at the Vienna University of Economics, at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and by other specific college studies on Survey Techniques, Marketing and Advertising in the US. Ever since, Lighthouse is being quite successful in the field of Strategic Marketing Consulting, a step which should precede any sound advertising campaign.

A Lighthouse Advertising Efficiency Analysis would expose weaknesses in the advertising field and point out options for improvement.

Lighthouse offers a great advantage to enterprises with technical products. In the Lighthouse Creative Department you have creative people on post who are likewise educated technicians so as to be able to think with technical products and requirements. On the other hand, non-technical operations do feel very comfortable with Lighthouse, too!

We are coordinating everything for you in-house, delivering to our customer a package on the subject of advertising and marketing in top quality, and all one-stop. Some enterprises use us as their external marketing and/or advertising department, larger enterprises appreciate our actively supporting their own marketing department. Lighthouse mainly services smaller and medium-sized operations, but also well-known international companies have come to esteem our cost efficiency, good ideas, accurate working methods and expert contacts.

The purpose of Lighthouse is to increase your size of success by our advertising and marketing concepts, so as to render obsolete very soon statements like „too little response", „advertising doesn't pay" or „too little turnover".


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