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Why Lighthouse
Technical Agency

Why Lighthouse?

A lighthouse symbolizes a safe, stable and reliable contact point. The light helps orientation and, in the dark, makes hidden obstacles visible.

We are an advertising agency distinguishing ourselves from the current concept you may have of an advertising agency. Due to our size, we demonstrate flexibility. Customer contacts are handled at a high organisational level. This readily results in swift and qualified communication, thus allowing short reaction times and speedy order execution.

Stereotype realization would not be found with us nor would insinuating displays that seldom directly and/or causally-determined relate to the product promoted. In this spirit, we do not consider Man the stimulus–response machine he has been declared to by advertising psychology.


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The accredited advertising agency Lighthouse is a full-service advertiser and as such most professional in Marketing, Communication, Public Relations, Suveys, Positioning, Graphic Design, Illustration, Webdesign, Digital Media, Technical Advertising, Photography, Digital Image Editing.