Reach the target group

Exact match at the target group “Learn more about what customers really want and in which case they would buy your product” To find out what your customers/readers actually want and want, there is a proven way to ask. Often, however, there is not enough time in-house. Well-conducted analytics, however, make the difference between success […]

Google ads

Advertise with Google Ads Benefits of search ads Search engine advertising is booming like never before due to the importance of search engines for end users. But what do ads actually use in Google companies?! TOP placement Get one of the top places in the search result list. The first three entries are reserved for […]

Illu trend

ILLUSTRATIONS underscore UNIQUENESS Good illustrations have always been an integral part of the marketing sector, both in the packaging industry, in promotional brochures, in customer newspapers, as logo or „Picture symbols“ (icons). However, hand-made illustrations have been used more and more frequently in the digital world for months, and the latest figures prove that the […]

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