Exact match at the target group

“Learn more about what customers really want and in which case they would buy your product”

To find out what your customers/readers actually want and want, there is a proven way to ask. Often, however, there is not enough time in-house. Well-conducted analytics, however, make the difference between success and failure in advertising and distribution.


The more effective and targeted you reach your customers with meaningful messages, the more revenue your product will generate.

More market presence and attention

If your advertising is designed properly, your company and your product will be remembered and bought and with good product quality also recommended.

How can you specifically support Lighthouse here?

As an agency with 25 years of strategy and marketing experience, we know exactly where to go to make your product more successful.

We create a concept for you, develop a professional questionnaire and assist you with the implementation at any time. Simply arrange a non-binding consultation.

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