Angelika Thonauer

For over 25 years

I run the Lighthouse agency, which I also founded. I was able to put my passion for technology to good use at a young age. Together with my father, I built up the technical trading company, Thonauer GmbH, from scratch 30 years ago. I set the course for its successful future and succession plan in the years 2013-2016 when, back in management, I put the company on a full course of expansion during these years. The company operates in 5 countries and is now part of the Komax Group.

From years of personal experience and observation, I know

that marketing is often an underestimated but VERY important building block that can make or break a company. Looking beyond the advertising horizon is a personal concern of mine. When advising our customers, the focus is always on the overall business perspective. This additional know-how is available to our customers. This is a great benefit!

The personal exchange with customers is my goal,

whether it is a group, a medium-sized company or a start-up. We only recommend things that we at Lighthouse would do ourselves and that we stand behind. That has been my philosophy since the company was founded. A well-trained team that enjoys the support and success of our customers is important to me.

All that counts,

that our services are successful for our customers and are reflected in positive figures. Because winning a design award is not important to me.I also see my responsibility in making a social contribution to our

Angelika Thonauer

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