Fairs and events

Positive in the memory

Whether anniversary event, open house, employee event, trade fair appearance or product launch, we ensure that your event is a success.

Our range of services includes idea and conception, finding an extraordinary, but fitting, location, room staging, process organization, invitation management, supporting program, catering, entertainment, event support and coordination of program items up to the professional photographic and cinematic documentation of the event and press-oriented reconditioning.

Some companies are moving to organize events instead of trade fairs themselves. This event professionals are in demand. Ultimately, you want a successful event with satisfied guests who report positive and sustainable for a long time about the event.

Positive in the memory

The perfect date

You already have a special day in mind. Find out briefly whether an important football game is being broadcasted on this very day or whether a major event is planned in your area. Do not book your event on school days.

The ideal location

… is a place that offers your guests added value. Sometimes the location can already be the supporting program! Make sure that there are enough parking spaces for your guests or mention nearby parking facilities in the invitation. The more interesting the location, the better your event will be remembered.

The appealing invitation

Every customer is pleased about a nicely arranged invitation by post or handed over personally addressed. Sometimes the customer is not directly in contact with the owner of the business. This person is happy about an invitation. We recommend a good database preparation in advance.

The optimal event

It should be something special, which customers will speak positive days after, better ask next year when the next event will take place. Look for a program that will transport your company values. Leave room for conversation and signal the appreciation to your guests throughout the entire implementation.

Delight for everyone

Take into account a varied selection, which also vegetarians enjoy. If necessary, personally try the cooking skills and brief the service staff in advance.

More tips

This is really just a small excerpt of tips for the perfect event. If you want to know more, we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you design and organize the optimal event for you.

The opinion of our customers

“Lighthouse plans our events in a forward-looking and target group-oriented way. In all areas, there is the right contact person, who meets the requirements we set most professionally and always keeps the focus on the essentials. As always, Lighthouse had everything under control at this year’s event series, allowing us to spend 100 % of our time with our customers.”

Martin Szeidl, Msc, Verkaufsleiter GC Gebäudetechnik GmbH

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