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Online marketing and webdesign

Information in the network is available at any time, quickly and everywhere. As a rule, you only have a few seconds to attract attention. If the customer does not find what he is looking for, he changes the channel.

Decisive factors therefore are a good strategy, good content, quick findability and the added value that the user receives through your appearance. We help you to stay positive and long-term anchored.

Range of products

We are holistic, but we can focus on specific areas as needed:

Content marketing

Good texts advise,
inform and entertain.
For the users, the primary focus
is not on your company, but they
are looking for solutions to their tasks.
Use informative texts to attract
attention and delight users
by connecting you to the web.

E-Mail Marketing

The beauty of this marketing tool: you can pick up your customers with information where they are. Take the opportunity not to provide your customers with a “single newsletter”. With relevant content embedded in beautiful graphics, you increase your readership and are perceived.

Website creation

Your business card on the net! Your readers want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible, whether on a mobile device or at home on the computer. Good navigation, modern design, coupled with good content – then you are in the front. Our webdesigner team advises and implements what you need.

Search engines plus

In order to be found more efficiently and faster in the network, a consistent optimization of your website will help you. Maximum relevance for both the user and the search engines decide on success. Search engines are constantly evolving. Lighthouse knows what matters.

Social Media

Your company is ready for entry into social media, the course is set and the goals are defined. They just do not know where to start. With a consistent concept, good storytelling and a harmonious interaction of the right channels you are on the right path.

Search engine advertising

Targeted Google campaigns keep attracting attention. Take the chance to be ranked higher because the seats are in high demand. Our experts are committed to setting up, monitoring and fine-tuning campaigns. In addition, you will learn more about your buyers.

Online work for technical companies

Of course, online work can not replace technical sales, but it can actively support them. In 2008, 80% of decision-makers in B2B marketing stated in a study that they had found their own suppliers. Only 20% were approached by the providers. Buyers are also increasingly establishing contact with the providers themselves in the B2B area.

Do you want more online leads?

We support you!

Online marketing is about trend monitoring and timeliness

Did you know

that Lighthouse implements holistic campaigns?

Did you know

that we create nice pics and videos for your social media campaigns?

Did you know

that we have really cool copywriters in the team?

Did you know

that every Ad campaign requires the right handling?

Did you know

that we not only design your online presence but also accompany it?

Did you know

that we can design trendy websites that bring requests?

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