Employer Branding

Strengthen your employer brand and find the right employees for your company!

The labor market in transition

Are you experiencing difficulties in finding suitable candidates or facing high turnover and a shortage of skilled workers?

To survive in today’s job market, companies need to do more than just post job advertisements. In order to be perceived as an attractive employer, it is necessary to develop and consistently work on your employer brand. Only then will you score with an employer brand that attracts new talent.

Company Culture & Identity

The goal of employer branding is to strengthen the employer brand and convey the identity of the company, thereby attracting the right team members for your journey to success and inspiring them for the long term.

A shared identity is formed when people work on something that is greater than themselves. We embark on a collective search for factors that shape your culture and successfully implement your change initiatives. With targeted campaign planning and the right marketing mix, you reach your target audience where they are and enhance the visibility of your employer brand. The perspective of your own employees is essential in authentic communication.

Our portfolio in the field of employer branding

As a full-service agency, we accompany you throughout the entire process of employer branding, from analysis to campaign implementation. We gather essential information, create a concept based on that, and professionally execute each step for you.

We design your campaign, select the appropriate marketing mix with effective media, and take care of distribution and ongoing optimization. We effectively implement your employer branding, reaching your target audience where they are. This helps your company establish a strong employer brand and attract the right employees for your path to success in a sustainable way!



Concept development & consulting

Social Media

Photo & video

Press work

Workshops & surveys

Through workshops and employee surveys, questions can be addressed such as:

  • What does the employer stand for?
  • What makes them unique?
  • How can they establish a clear differentiation from competitors and achieve a strong positioning?
  • Why would employees want to stay with them?
  • Does the employer appear attractive to the talents they would like to attract?
  • How can employer attractiveness be increased?
  • What do the target audience(s) find appealing, and how can they be reached effectively?

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