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Weidmüller GmbH Austria
(electrical connection technology and electronics)


Idea and execution of a multi-part, humorously illustrated comic series to advertise a road show, which is used in print and online


We thought this was a powerful idea, which we immediately put into practice in the form of a leading figure, a bear.

The specially equipped Weidmüller truck is not only driven from one place to another by a bearish chauffeur with lots of lovely details, the subjects also include getting the original Weidmüller truck fit and the welcoming committee at the respective destination. With this type of presentation, Weidmüller clearly stands out in the field of technical companies and automation.

“We are very enthusiastic about the subjects, which made us smile. The first feedback internally and also from the customer side was very positive and our campaign picked up speed more and more”.

Sandra Schallerl, Marketing Manager at Weidmüller GmbH

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