What you should know about email marketing

Professional e-mail marketing is an important communication channel to your customers and an integral part of the marketing mix! All you need is the e-mail address and the consent of your customers and prospects.

But why is email marketing so important? Read the 10 reasons here:

1. Simple audience segmentation
Advertising should be relevant and address the customer individually. With e-mails you have the best opportunity to segment customers and communicate targeted offers2. Personalization
Personal salutation, rating of purchased products, upselling recommendations, birthday emails, appointment reminders and more. Flexible personalization is very simple, but brings great added value!

3. Scalability
If you want to expand the marketing activities, this is possible without much effort. With automation, you can achieve great results with few resources.

4. Results in real time
Most emails are opened within the first 24 hours. So you don’t have to wait long for your readers’ reaction!

5. Low cost

6. Simple A/B testing
Test different variants, the system immediately evaluates the best results

7. Omni-Channel Ready
E-mails are perfect as part of campaigns that run across multiple channels (e.g. in combination with mailing, social media and online advertising) – more touchpoints with your customer increase sales!

8. Emotionalization
Advertising is effective when it picks up on the customer emotionally. With e-mails you can transport pictures and videos and thus emotions!9. Independence
With e-mail marketing you are independent of Google & co and their conditions.

10. Privacy
If a subscriber gives their consent, you may send email to them. It is actually quite simple!

Lighthouse has years of experience in email marketing.

Our employees are experts in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and will support you with your e-mail marketing: from monthly newsletters to complex, personalized automation processes.

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